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Site Selection
Site Selection

WIELAND is frequently called upon to perform due diligence services for its customers. The process of selecting an actual geographic location (for example, one section of the country versus another) and then the process of zeroing in on one specific site within that geographic location, are decisions which WIELAND has experience administrating.

Many times WIELAND’s customers find the need to evaluate multiple sites. When this is the case, WIELAND can provide the site due diligence required to determine which site is most suitable for development. These services can include:

* Coordination of soil borings and soil analysis

* Coordination of boundary surveys, title and easement searches, and topographic surveys

* Utility reviews, to verify that power, water and electricity are located nearby; and if not, what the cost ramifications are to to bring them to site

* Coordination of municipal reviews, such as zoning compliance, site plan review, building application fees, and construction inspection protocol