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Economic Development Assistance
Economic Development Assistance

Just as selecting a site is an important decision, understanding the cost ramifications of one location over another is also a consideration.

Once again, WIELAND’s people are the key to success when the customer needs help. Steve Opper, a partner at WIELAND and its Vice President – New Business Development, is a former state Economic Development professional who spent years in the “trenches” helping customers decide what state, city and site it should select.

“The cost ramifications of where to locate are critical,” says Opper.  “Some companies are strictly concerned with the financial impact. Others make workforce availability and development the priority. Yet others care most about quality of life issues. As our chief site selection manager, I make it my business to understand the needs of the client and what is driving the selection.”

WIELAND’s efforts have resulted in capturing valuable tax and economic benefits for its clients. “Many of our customers didn’t realize that by bringing even 20 jobs to an area, or investing a million dollars in new equipment, they are eligible for tax cuts or even full rebates,” Opper says. “It is exciting to provide this free, value-added service to WIELAND’s menu of help points.”

“Using WIELAND to assist in site selection is a smart investment of our time and our client’s money,” Opper concludes.