Services – Pre-Construction & Estimating


Pre-Construction & Estimating

WIELAND excels in providing cost-effective pre-construction services to value-oriented clients. In keeping with its mission to “develop loyal customers through relentless customer service,” WIELAND has established an outstanding pre-construction department led by a team of engineers, project management staff, quantity surveyors and professional estimators. Together, these professionals pursue WIELAND’s chosen projects with energy and enthusiasm.

“Among our core values is for us to ‘Excel by outworking our competition'”, states CEO, Ed Lorenz.  “It is our intention when we decide to go after a project that we distinguish ourselves by outworking other firms and provide the most comprehensive solutions available to our clients.”

One of the ways that WIELAND adds value to its clients is by inserting it Value Engineering protocol into the pre-construction effort. The Value Engineering process at WIELAND dates back to 2000, when WIELAND first gained ISO certification. Prior to this certification, previous President, Craig Wieland spent nearly two years visiting past projects and previous clients, checking WIELAND’s track record for quality and customer satisfaction.

“The process of listening to our customers and reviewing our quality was very helpful, and caused us to develop a checklist of things we should ask BEFORE we start construction,” Lorenz said. “Our VE Format is just one of the ways we attempt to integrate our 60 years of experience into our process. We ask our architectural partners to review it before they start design.”

WIELAND has also incorporated technology into pre-construction. Using the latest estimating and quantity take-off software, keeping an up-to-date unit cost database, and having excellent relationships with subcontractors are all ways that WIELAND’s pre-construction department is leading the way for WIELAND’s customers.