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  • January
    January 31, 2023

    Build a Bike

    This past Christmas, WIELAND was invited to a Procore event in Lansing, MI. This event gathered local general contractors for a holiday happy hour and a project to help the local Salvation Army. While there, WIELAND employees broke into groups and built a bike to be delivered to some deserving children that Christmas. WIELAND would like to thank Procore (the best-in-class construction management software), and all employees who participated! #WIELANDbuilds

  • January
    January 27, 2023

    City View Progress

    WIELAND is excited to share its progress on the City View project in downtown Lansing, MI. This two-building apartment project has a total 172 apartments. The former Lake Trust building is undergoing a complete renovation and will hold 55 units, and the new 503 sister building will hold the other 117. These apartments offer comfort, style, and convenience for tenants.  WIELAND is working for Westpac Development to help bring these buildings to the Lansing area. This project is expected to be completed in the first quarter of 2023.

  • January
    January 19, 2023

    January Employee Work Anniversaries

    WIELAND loves its tight-knit group of employees! WIELAND would like to congratulate these amazing employees on their work anniversaries: Steve Opper (2005); Ed Lorenz (2014); Norman Farhat (2015); Larry Holley (2015); Regan Dempsey (2018); Fred Palmer (2019); Matt Guidi (2020). Thank you and congratulations from WIELAND!

  • December
    December 13, 2022

    December Work Anniversaries

    Our December employees warm our hearts! WIELAND would like to congratulate these outstanding employees on their work anniversaries: Crystal Nemer (2014); Joseph Catoe (2017); Rich Demko (2018). Thank you and congratulations from WIELAND!

  • December
    December 6, 2022

    Performance Proppants

    WIELAND is currently constructing a new frac sand plant for Performance Proppants in Shreveport, LA.  Performance Proppants – a repeat client for WIELAND – has a unique process for collecting, sorting and cleaning sand.  This project will include dredging an oxbow lake across the Red River from this 23-acre site.  The dredge will be transported under the river and be processed on the Shreveport side. WIELAND started this project in March 2022 and is working with the owners and design team to be operational by the end of the year. #WIELANDbuilds

  • November
    November 22, 2022

    Employee Anniversaries

    Loving our employees is as easy as pie! WIELAND would like to congratulate these excellent employees on their work anniversaries: Maureen Devota (1993); Rob Dick (1999); Jim Siegrist (2012); Juanita Pearce (2012); Gina Couzzins (2016); Dean Craig (2017); Dylan Leiva (2019); Mitch Lorenz (2020). Thank you and congratulations from WIELAND!

  • November
    November 18, 2022

    Procore Groundbreak Conference

    Nine employees from WIELAND attended the Procore Groundbreak Conference in New Orleans, LA, November 7-9. Procore is the best-in-class construction management software used by hundreds of construction firms across the United States. WIELAND was an early adopter to Procore, and credits the software in facilitating its growth over the past half decade.

  • November
    November 10, 2022

    Graphic Packaging International

    WIELAND is proud to show off its recently completed campus renovations for repeat client Graphic Packaging International in Kalamazoo, MI. These campus improvements included installing siding on existing buildings and renovating existing site work (new parking lots, paving, landscaping, and fencing). WIELAND also installed a new K3 employee entrance addition and remodeled the existing K1 tunnel entrance. WIELAND started this project in February 2022 and finished it in July 2022. 

  • November
    November 8, 2022

    All Fives Keystone Church

    WIELAND polls all of its clients after the job on quality, communication, problem solving, and budget.  Our teams often receive “All Fives” from the owner, which means we couldn’t have done better!  Congrats to the Keystone Church team from WIELAND, who got a 5-star rating!  WIELAND completed this addition and renovation project in Saline, MI in May of 2022.   

  • November
    November 2, 2022


    WIELAND is proud to satisfy another repeat client at the Auto-Owners Moulton building in Lansing, MI. Renovations included upgrading mechanical and fire alarm building systems which necessitated the removal and reinstallation of penthouse level precast concrete panels.  WIELAND installed an entirely new fire alarm system, air handling unit, chillers and 120 heat pumps throughout the building without disrupting the existing workforce.  WIELAND began the project in February 2022 and reached substantial completion in September 2022. 

  • October
    October 20, 2022

    Pratt PM18 Water Tube Boiler

    The water tube boiler for the new Pratt PM18 Paper Mill departed from the Port of Houston last Friday (10/14) and is en route via barge to the job site in Henderson, KY. The 211,000 lb boiler will be routed through the Gulf of Mexico to the Ohio River and will ultimately arrive at the Henderson County Riverport to be picked and set on a platform trailer that will make the short trip from the port to the mill site. Upon arrival, cranes will be on standby to pick up the Boiler off the trailer and place it directly on the foundations of the boiler house. 

     The boiler will generate a significant amount of energy to be used by the new mill. It will produce steam at a regulated pressure/temperature which will be utilized in the process of removing moisture from the liner board in the dryer sections of the paper machine.


  • October
    October 11, 2022

    October Anniversary

    WIELAND’s October employees are the pick of the patch! WIELAND would like to congratulate these amazing employees on their work anniversary: Jeff Hart (2001); Dave Todd (2001); Gunnar Vandeberg (2004); Rhonda Franck (2015); Carl Imhoff (2017); Earl White (2020). Thank you and congratulations from WIELAND!

  • September
    September 27, 2022

    Eaton Community Bank

    WIELAND is pleased to share final photos of the recently-completed Eaton Community Bank (ECB) renovation in Charlotte, MI. This 16,750 SF building is part of ECB’s new modernization initiative which began in 2021. The renovation rebranded the exterior along with modernizing the interiors to make sure customers receive premiere banking services. WIELAND started this project with Integrated Architecture of Grand Rapids in early July 2021 and completed it in April of 2022.  The project was split into two phases, allowing the bank to remain open the entire time.

  • September
    September 22, 2022

    Exceptional Presentation Training

    “And my first point is…”.  Eleven WIELAND employees experienced “Exceptional Presentation Training” Sept. 14-15 in Orlando, FL. This is the second WIELAND group in 2022 trained in the art of making outstanding presentations.  While sales have reached record marks over the last five years, WIELAND is committed to even better sales communication to continue serving clients through excellence in construction.  #WIELANDBuilds #WIELANDSells