Ownership / Management

WIELAND is managed by an eight-person ownership group that has a combined 150+ years of cumulative construction experience at WIELAND.   In the summer of 2021, former President and majority shareholder Craig Wieland sold his stock to the eight remaining shareholders.  WIELAND’s day-to-day operations are led by Edward Lorenz, who was selected from among his peers as WIELAND’s first-ever Managing Director.  Lorenz assembled the Management Team of CFO Maureen Devota and Regional Director and Vice President Ryan Roberts to assist him in the management oversight of WIELAND.   Five additional shareholders complete the ownership group and all eight owners serve as the Board of Directors.

Managing Director

Edward Lorenz
Managing Director

Ed Lorenz joined WIELAND in 2014 as a Sr. Project Manager after spending 20 years at a previous firm. Throughout Ed’s career his experience has been in Industrial, Higher Education, K-12 and Correctional projects. Project locations have been in Michigan, Indiana, Louisiana, North Carolina and Ohio. He started his career as a carpenter working his way to become a Sr. Project Manager by 2010 and becoming a partner in January of 2018. In January, 2020, Ed was named WIELAND's Managing Director.

Management Team

Edward Lorenz
Managing Director READ BIO
Maureen Devota
Chief Financial Officer READ BIO
Ryan Roberts
Vice President/ Regional Director, Louisiana and Texas READ BIO

Additional Shareholders

Matt Getchell
Vice President/Regional Director READ BIO
Steve Opper
Vice President/New Business Development READ BIO
Kevin Shaw
Vice President, Marketing READ BIO
Gunnar VanDeberg
Vice President/Regional Director READ BIO
Andy Yarber
Vice President / Regional Director, Florida READ BIO