Pratt Paper PM 18 – KY

Pratt is the United States’ fifth largest manufacturer of corrugated paper and the largest, privately held producer of 100% recycled paper in the world. Paper from its machines supply the likes of Amazon, Home Depot, Proctor & Gamble, and Domino’s Pizza.

WIELAND worked with Alliet, Fenner, Jolly & McClelland (A/E) to design and build the 400,000 SF industrial building. Construction required 72,000 cubic yards of concrete, over 15 feet deep foundations, and more than 3,000 40-foot pilings that support the building and machine. The paper machine is supported by a massive, elevated cast-in-place concrete structure.

Kentucky Governor Andy Beshear stated at the groundbreaking in 2022, “(This) is the largest job announcement in Western Kentucky in 25 years.” WIELAND began construction on the project in 2022 and will complete the project in September 2023.