In 1969, three brothers, Joe, Ralph and Avi Nakash, opened their first denim store front in New York City, NY. Business came to a halt in 1977, when a fire burned the store and most of its inventory. After rebuilding, the brothers reopened their store in 1979 under the name Jordache. There they began their own “form-fitting” denim line for both men and women, which included the classic horse-head logo that has become nationally recognized.  

WIELAND began construction on the 90,850 SF warehouse expansion in early spring 2021. The expansion extends the original 200,000 SF warehouse that was constructed in 2003. The warehouse was designed by Aillet, Fenner, Jolly & McClelland, and was completed by WIELAND in April 2022.  

Heath Tyler, Distribution Manager for Jordache stated, “WIELAND has proven that they strive to produce the highest quality possible to their clients while keeping an eye on expenses. I was impressed with the WIELAND team’s ability to meet the project milestones and to bring the project in on time and within the final established budget.”