Graphic Packaging – LA

Graphic Packaging International, LLC (GPI) produces paper-based products for the world, including cups, cartons, boxes, and other food containers. GPI operates globally and is one of the largest producers of folding cartons and paper-based foodservice products in the United States. The company is also a global leader in manufacturing unbleached kraft paperboard and solid bleached sulfate paperboard.  

WIELAND worked with Yates Engineering to complete this industrial building. The project included the removal and replacement of in-house equipment including the wet end section (dewaters pulp) and the headboxes, which are designed to distribute a continuous flow of wet stock across the width and length of the machine as stock is deposited on the screen at constant velocities. 

The project was designed by Yates Engineering. WIELAND began the project in late 2016 and completed the removal/replacement in March 2017.