Bridgewater Interiors

Bridgewater Interiors, a joint venture between Johnson Controls and Epsilon LLC, is a tier one automotive interiors systems supplier to OEMs, including General Motors Lansing, Michigan assembly operations. Bridgewater Interiors assembles, sequences and delivers seating systems, overhead systems and consoles.

As Bridgewater earned more business with automotive OEMs, Wieland was contracted to construct additional manufacturing space to their operational facility. With the added 54,000 SF, the facility footprint totals 186,000 SF

Bridgewater was required to locate close to the Delta Township assembly plant to meet General Motors’ fast sequencing orders requesting seats in different colors and materials matching what is traveling down the assembly line.

Bridgewater was able to secure property tax abatements through Delta Township and the City of Lansing utilizing a land sharing agreement or Public Act 425. The expansion created 134 new jobs increasing Bridgewater’s Lansing employment to 682 employees.