Alliance OBGYN Clinic

Wieland worked very closely with East Lansing developer Don Maynard as he developed a new business park.  When Alliance Obstetrics & Gynecology wanted to open a new Medical Center, Wieland worked with Keystone Design Group to develop a client-friendly clinic for women and expectant mothers.

The 14,000 SF facility has a warm and inviting lobby with couches and fireplaces, plus a play area for small children to accommodate young Moms who are awaiting their appointments.  Inside there are over a dozen patient rooms, doctors offices and meeting areas to facilitate strong client relationships.

“Alliance OBGYN is a group of individuals with very discerning tastes who spend endless hours making sure that all details are just right,” said Julie Little, Practice Administrator.  “This was the main reason we chose Wieland-Davco to construct our new facility.  We were not mistaken in our decision.  Please accept our heartfelt thanks for the great job.”