Agro Culture LIQUID Fertilizers

Agro Culture LIQUID Fertilizers is one of America’s fastest-growing agricultural companies.  In 2012 it issued an RFP for Design/Build services, capturing the attention of firms across the state of Michigan.  Eight D/B firms competed for the right to construct the facility, but the Wieland/Hobbs + Black team won the day and commenced design.

After a 14-month construction period, Wieland met the deadline for an August 2013 grand opening.  The impressive, 60,000 SF facility is a homage to the future of farming, as well as the past.  From one side the structure resembles a classic barn; from another side, it resembles a modern office building with a glass silo.  Inside the facility timber, polished concrete and vaulted ceilings create a stunning aesthetic effect.

In 2014, the Construction Association of Michigan (CAM) named the Agro Liquid project its 2014 Project of the Year.

“(Wieland) shares the drive and values that our company does,” stated Agro Vice President Nick Bancroft. “We would use Wieland again and, in fact, they have already completed a (second) project in California for us.”