Wieland is a vibrant, dynamic and growing commercial construction company with multiple office locations throughout the United States. Regularly appearing as one of ENR’s “Top 400 Firms”. Wieland is poised to enter its sixth decade with the same optimism and entrepreneurial spirit which marked its founding in 1958.

Today, Wieland is truly a national and global corporation. You can find Wieland employees building a major biomedical facility in San Diego, a sophisticated paper recycling mill in Indiana, a LEED-Certified office headquarters in Michigan, or a major manufacturing center in Louisiana. Wieland employees operate out of one of five offices, but it is not unusual for its numerous employees to be in multiple states, performing work for repeat clients throughout North America.

The company is known for its fierce determination to make its clients …”customers for life.” Rob Krueger, Wieland’s first-ever CEO, says: “We understand that our business goal is audacious, but it is what drives us everyday. Our employees are empowered and aware of our mission; they know that the needs of our clients come first.”

At the heart of Wieland is its laser-like focus on customer satisfaction. “It is only because of our customers that our company exists,” says President Craig Wieland. “The heart of our mission is to always hear that constant voice whispering in our ear: ‘Am I doing everything I can to satisfy my customer?’ This is the essence of Wieland.”