The Why Of Wieland

Everyone knows the “what” of WIELAND – providing excellence in construction. But more importantly is the “why” of WIELAND. Every day our employees strive to embody the mission, vision, and core values that WIELAND stands for. WIELAND is proud of this established culture that is made possible by the people who work here. This is #TheWhyOfWieland.

“At WIELAND I like that I have responsibility and that my supervisor doesn’t micro manage me. I can ask questions and people make me feel okay about not knowing everything. I also like that I can talk to people who I don’t directly work with. We all play different roles, but we can appreciate each other on a personal level. In a previous job I never so much as met the CEO or CFO, much less socialize with them. It’s different at WIELAND, and that’s something special.” – Candy Caldwell, Asst. Pre-Construction Manager