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ISO Certification

Wieland obtained the coveted ISO 9001 seal in 2000. Its certification covers both design and construction, placing Wieland in an elite class of construction companies in the United States.

ISO means different things to different organizations, but for Wieland’s customers it means one important thing: Wieland has a proven system to manage quality, safety and schedule on a construction project, and its process is not dependent on individual personalities or owner demands.

“Our ISO process is the rule of law for our projects,” says Andy Yarber, Managing Director of Wieland’s Florida office. “We have zero tolerance for deviation from our best practices and procedures, and ISO is the measuring stick on how we do that.” For example, in Yarber’s office, a $2.0M daycare center must follow the same procedures as a $25M multi-family apartment complex, or a 20-story high-rise on Florida’s coast.

The ISO process is complex, yet relatively simple. When it was first conceived at Wieland in the late 1990s, current CEO Rob Krueger — then VP of Operations — began reducing the “Wieland Way” to a series of steps in each construction division. As a step was identified, it was reduced to writing. Once reduced to writing, the step was added to a checklist of items by division. Soon, there were hundreds of checklist items. Suddenly, the guesswork of running a construction project was essentially removed and an objective set of items to complete, monitor and verify were in place.

“The beauty of the ISO system is it is an objective approach to managing an otherwise subjective industry,” says Krueger. “I am proud of the system we have developed and our customers can rest assured that our ISO system is audited and validated annually, ensuring that their projects have the highest quality and safety in the industry.”